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lookin for fic ~ stake out

Hellu ~

I’m looking to reread a fic by EvanNJames called stake out, and it’s been deleted from her account over at fanfiction, so I was kind of hoping to find someone who had her fic saved on their hard drive (I should have done that), and are willing to send it to me. Please, I REALLY REALLY want to read it again – it’s so gorgeous and alive!!!

Thanks in advance (I’ll be replying with my email to anyone who has it and are willing to share) ^_^

EDIT: atm I don't have the fic, it's on my other computer that's kind of crashed on me, but I think I can manage opening it and finding the fic, sending it to myself and then sending it to you guys who want it, but it'll take a while. I'm sorry but you'll have to be patient, hopefully not for long though :)
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