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Oh this fic. It took me soooo long to finish it even though it was just porn. Hope you all like and dedicated to grownupneko

Warning: Cross dressing and rough sex between men. Dont read if you dont like.
Untitled kink.

“Oh come on blondie…it cant be that bad.” Reno’s speech was slurred, and anyone within a few feet could tell that the red-head was quite drunk…well maybe drunk wasn’t the word…completely sloshed may have been the more correct terminology to describe the turks current inebriated state.

“I fucking hate you.” Another slurred but angry voice seeped out of the bathroom now and all Reno could do was laugh shortly as he flopped back on the bed with his hands behind his head, and a grin playing on his lips that would cause even the deadliest of hitmen’s spines to shiver.

“You were the one who agreed Strife. And a hero like you surly can’t go back on his promise.”

Mossy green eyes were glinting, almost burning holes in the bathroom door as Reno stared at it. “You said you’d give me a lap dance and ill be damned if you hide that
fine ass of yours in the bathroom all night.”

“These weren’t part of the agreement.” Without warning the door slammed open and hit the wall hard enough to crack the plaster on the other side and Cloud emerged, angry mako infused eyes narrowed and lips twisted into a snarl, completely betraying how the rest of his body looked at the moment.

Cloud’s chest was bare, pale skin standing out against the dim light that flooded out from the bathroom. Reno’s eyes moved down, hungrily taking in lightly toned abs and dipping even lower to the curve of the ex-soldiers hip bone that was covered in the lacy blue material that he had picked out himself.

Reno could feel his cock swell in his loosened pants as his gaze moved over to Cloud’s perfectly framed length in all that blue lace. And even though there was more if he looked down, stockings of the same color that ran down those lean legs he saw all he needed to to know he wanted it bad.

“What can I say? I’ve got sort of a kink for this kind of thing.”

Kink or not, Cloud's emotions were violently moving between being angry and being completely turned on by the lecherous grin that was twisted in Reno’s features now.

“I think you need to put the rest on, babe.”

Cloud could have sworn that he had seen a pleading look in the red-head's eyes for a moment, but then again, his mind could have been playing tricks on him. He was about to protest again when Reno slung the corset at him. “I’ll even help you put it on.” Cloud shook his head and tossed it on the floor. “It’s this or nothing, Reno.”

After a brief second of pouting, Reno was pulling Cloud onto the bed, placing the blond in a position so he was straddling his lap. “Now. Quit complaining and seduce me.”

Cloud swore in that moment that he was going to get Reno back for this, and whatever he thought up was going to be so, so much worse. His brain was working even now in his drunken state to concoct something.

Even with his mind turning though the blond let his hand dip down to run over his lace covered cock. Fingers crept down and back up again and Cloud had to force down the intense shutter then ran through his body.

Something inside of him didn’t want this to feel as good as it did, didn’t want the feel of tight lace and stockings to be as erotic as it was, but he couldn’t help it, and he let out a shaky breath as his hand and moved back in the same path.

“Fuck it, Strife. Throw hesitation out the window.” Reno’s voice was more like a guttural growl, and his green eyes practically told Cloud that if he didn’t help him take his pants off now that he was going to rip them off himself and get straight to it.

Cloud’s hands strayed from their sensual path now and tugged Reno’s pants to his ankles, taking his boxers along with them. The cool air chilled the red-head as it ghosted over his heated flesh, but it was soon replaced by the warmth of Cloud’s hand and then something so, so much better.

The first kiss to Reno’s cock came in the form of a soft press of lips and then the careful licking around the Turk’s swollen head. “Mmm, fuck.” His tongue felt even heavier in his mouth then it had before as he moaned, fingers curling in the sheets and the hot pleasure that he had been craving racing up his spine. Cloud’s mouth moved down lower… taking inch by agonizing inch in until petal softness touched the base of the red-head's manhood.

There was going to be a sardonic comment about where Cloud had leaned how to suck cock so well, but it was swallowed up by another moan and a sensation that rocked Reno’s whole body. His eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head as Cloud moaned wetly around his cock. The next thing uttered was something of an amalgamation of incoherent noises from Reno’s throat, breathy growls and sharp intakes of air.

Through it all, Cloud managed to chuckle to himself as he pulled away, knowing that Reno was practically putty in his hands now. Their positions were flipped soon enough, and Cloud’s lace covered legs wrapped around the Turk's middle tightly. Even if it was in the Turk's nature to fight the role reversal, his mind was far too focused on the feeling of his and the ex-soldier's bodies rubbing together. Reno’s cock was pressed against Cloud’s stomach now the friction made him growl.

“Did you think that I was really going to let you do this to me without any consequences? Cloud nipped at the Turk's neck hungrily, earning another moan.

“You ruin--nngh--everything.” Reno shivered at the teeth at his neck, hands trying to push himself up to free his trapped erection that was now starting to make his whole body ache.

“Isn’t it my job to always ruin your plans?” A ghost of a smile could be seen on Cloud's lips, something there not because of the alcohol in his system, but because he truly enjoyed this, and enjoyed feeling the red-head pressed so tight to him that nothing else mattered besides that.

“You’re…a bastard.”

“I love you, too.” Cloud said rather snarkily before he crushed his lips together with Reno’s again, the taste of the Turk's essence still lingering on his tongue as he tangled it with Cloud's. The Turk let out a throaty moan when Cloud moved swiftly from plundering his mouth to biting into his shoulder, hands groping his ass.

“Be nice or I’ll keep you here like this.” Cloud said lowly, licking the skin that he had just bit down on.

Reno had no doubt that Cloud would be true to his word if he acted up, keeping him pressed together so tightly that just the agonizing friction alone would make him cum.

“Fine…” Any control that he had even thought he had was gone now as Cloud pulled back and those stunning mako blue eyes bored into his own. “Take these off.” He motioned toward the panties. “Then I want you to ride me.” Reno blinked that haze out of his vision, his heart thudding against his rib cage almost painfully as he caught the look that those mako blue eyes were giving him.

Reno let the felling of being watched so hungrily wash over him and he leaned back, one hand going to spread himself and the other going into his mouth to suck on two fingers. He made sure to never break eye contact with the ex-soldier as his tongue ran around his digits, lapping at them wetly before taking them out of his mouth to trace his entrance. It was his turn to tease now, and even though the alcohol in his system made him wobbly as he leaned back, he intended to milk this as much as Cloud would let him. He pushed one digit in, his numb senses lessening the stinging but not making it disappear completely.

“Ahh...ung.” Lusty moans dripped from Reno’s lips as it slid in all the way and the finger was quickly followed by the other. Cloud was getting impatient however, even though he had to admit that this was quite the show, and even though he had never intended on giving Reno exactly what he wanted, he hadn’t imagined that this was the way it was all going to play out. He gave his lips a swift lick to wet them before grabbing Reno’s shoulders and pressing him down rather impatiently.

The head of Cloud’s cock pushed against the Turk’s entrance before he even had a chance to remove his fingers. He pulled them back quickly and hissed sharply as he was penetrated. “Ngh wanted me to--” His next words were drown in the ferocity of the kiss that Cloud crushed to his lips. Tongue ravaging his mouth, the taste of whiskey permeated all of his senses. He hadn’t really known how drunk his lover was until that moment, the quick jerk of the other's hips and the rough press of callused fingers on his shoulder giving it away. Reno cried out in an odd mix of pain and pleasure as it raced through him. The ex-soldier was usually so gentle with him in bed even if he asked otherwise; always used lube, always stretched him properly no matter how lust driven the two of them were.

“Dammit, Strife.” He squeezed his eyes shut as his body adjusted to being filled so suddenly and without the proper lubrication.

“I just--gah-needed to feel you around me.” Cloud muttered out as his fingers pressed even harder into the Turk's shoulders, and a scream echoed in the room as the red-head was pushed all the way down on his cock. It was not his intention to hurt the other, but his need was making his heart pound wildly in his chest, making him feel that if he wasn’t totally enveloped in Reno in every possible way that he would go insane.

Reno growled at that, the heady mix of pain and pleasure and the roughness in his lover's voice making another gratuitously loud moan crawl its way up his throat. Every thrust up was so raw and every sensation was making his gut burn even more fiercely with his built up orgasm. He had never felt anything like this from the blond, unless he counted the pure, unbridled fury that he had felt when Cloud had shoved him hard against the wall of Seventh Heaven, grief, hatred and so many other emotions swirling in those brilliant blue eyes. Who was to know that even just muttering Sephiroth’s name in the wrong context would have set him off like that.

The thought of that moment was quickly slipping away though, as were any and all other thoughts that were not about how fucking amazing Cloud felt inside of him or the bruising force that the ex-soldier was gripping his hips with. It was all overloading his senses and if his body hadn’t been slightly numb from the whiskey, then he knew that he would have already came.

Cloud’s groans were pushing him closer and closer to that edge as well. The blond's eyes were shut and with every sharp intake of breath, he slammed up into the Turk. The red-head was almost uncomfortably tight like, this but he couldn’t bring himself to care, his overwhelming need shoving everything that would usually reign him in aside. He could feel himself come closer to his climax with every single hard thrust and even closer every time Reno breathlessly screamed out.

“I love you.” Reno moaned it out into the thick air, almost gasping it as if his life depended on it. His hand went down to grasp his badly aching cock, sticky from pre-cum and flushed a deep red from being pressed against Cloud’s body for so long.

“I know.” Cloud panted and couldn’t help the but smirk before thrusting up again. It was so unlike the red-head to say such a thing, and even deep in the throes of passion he couldn’t help but tease. He could see something flash across Reno’s mossy green eyes but then become enveloped as his hand joined the red-head's on his cock, his thumb swiping across the slit as he pushed deeper into that tight heat.

The hot feeling that had been building in Reno’s gut ever since Cloud had first stormed out of the bathroom was quickly descending now, burning right through him as he felt Cloud slam into his prostate so hard that his vision went white. Even if he had wanted to, he couldn’t stave off his climax any longer, his eyes slamming shut as he came, strings of pearly white shooting out onto his stomach.

He felt his muscles turn to liquid as he finished, the only thing keeping him from collapsing being the fact that Cloud was still buried deep inside of him, his hardness pulsing once more before the ex-soldier was finally pushed over the edge and he spilled himself inside of Reno. Cloud also shut his eyes tightly as his hips twitched and his body become slack on the bed.

Reno’s breath was ragged when he finally managed to crawl off of Cloud in some manner and curl up next to him, the feeling of cum running down his thighs strangely soothing for some reason. “Was that some sort of revenge for something?” He said after a few moments of silence, his body now pulsing with an ache he just knew was going to be with him for a couple of days.

Cloud just cracked one mako blue eye open slowly, not saying a word as he looped his arms around the Turk tightly. “You loved it…so don’t complain.” He murmured before licking up the others earlobe and tugging on the silver earring.

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