Jax (imadra_blue) wrote in renocloud,

Fic: "Not I or You, But We" (FF7, Reno/Cloud, 1/1)

Title: "Not I or You, But We"
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (Post-Advent Children)
Pairing: Reno/Cloud
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sephiroth has returned and laid waste to his enemies. In the wake of fresh destruction, Cloud and Reno are left alone in a dying world to cope with the aftermath. Together, both may return to life.
Warning(s): Post-Apocalyptic AU, Character Deaths (pre-story)
Word Count: 3872

Cloud heard Sephiroth's parting words echoing in his head, over and over. He tried to block his ears, but Sephiroth's voice persisted, even though Sephiroth had left hours ago to carve his revenge into the world.
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