Grygon (grygon) wrote in renocloud,

Seeking yaoi RPG partner

Okay, maybe the millionth time will be a charm! I am still seeking an active and dedicated RPG partner. As I am posting to a yaoi LJ community you can rest assured that I want the RPG to contain yaoi. ;)

I write Cloud best, you can read Can Barely Hide (or what there is of it, it's kind of just been hanging in mid-scene for a while now) to see examples of my writing as Cloud at spurkycreations. I pair him with almost anyone, but he's best paired with a seme male as my Cloud tends to be a bit ukeish.

So, if after reading my Cloud example you think you might want to RP some 1on1 with me, send me an email with some info: All emails just saying one line will be ignored. Give me something to go on, not just a "hi, i wanna email some sex with you plz".

This is the 2nd time within a month that I've posted this want ad- if for some reason *I* forgot to reply to your email (if we have been emailing about RPing) then send me a reminder as I didn't mean to leave you hanging and somehow you just slipped through the cracks/filter. If it was YOU who left ME hanging... I am likely not very happy with you right now. I try very hard not to leave my RPG partners hanging and you know what, I expect the same from my partners. So please have respect. :(
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