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lookin for fic ~ stake out

Hellu ~

I’m looking to reread a fic by EvanNJames called stake out, and it’s been deleted from her account over at fanfiction, so I was kind of hoping to find someone who had her fic saved on their hard drive (I should have done that), and are willing to send it to me. Please, I REALLY REALLY want to read it again – it’s so gorgeous and alive!!!

Thanks in advance (I’ll be replying with my email to anyone who has it and are willing to share) ^_^

EDIT: atm I don't have the fic, it's on my other computer that's kind of crashed on me, but I think I can manage opening it and finding the fic, sending it to myself and then sending it to you guys who want it, but it'll take a while. I'm sorry but you'll have to be patient, hopefully not for long though :)
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April 7 2011, 12:12:21 UTC 6 years ago

If anyone is still around I would really appreciate it if someone, anyone, could send me any of this that they have stored. Seriously, want to read this fic at least once more, it made week whenever it was updated. An available email is: queenbeemee@hotmail.com

Thanks again.

Me too?


April 10 2011, 22:34:20 UTC 6 years ago

I Might be a little late for the offer, but I've been searching for this for so long too! I feel stupid for not saving it when I had the chance to. Cand someone please email it to me at Stupid_Scarkid@hotmail.com ? OwO

I would love you to death. And Beyond.
Check your mail ;D
If I'm not too late and you're still sending it out, I was wondering if you could please send a copy of Stake Out to me too? I was looking forward to re-reading Stake Out again but when I tried looking for it ffnet said they weren't able to find the story id# D: and then I found this post so *crosses fingers* Pretty please?

Me too? I was wondering what happened to this fic and almost had a mini panic attack when I couldn't find it.

I'm gonna join the herd.

Me me! I hope I'm not too late to the party D: guiltslash@yahoo.com
I know it's a little late, but I just realized my bookmark for this fic no longer works! Any chance you're still sending?


Thank you!
Yosh I'll try my luck here too ;A;

If people are still willing to send, I will love anyone who is able to give me a copy~ The fic was amazing and I would love to be able to read it again (:

Thank you so much ♥


March 18 2012, 01:53:12 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 18 2012, 01:53:32 UTC

Is anyone still checking this? I'd love it if someone could send me a copy at ii.hanashi@gmail.com. I'm really late to the FFVII party, and I'm looking for good ficcage. ^_^ Thanks!
hello, i don't know if you're still on LJ but i just have a small request; would it be possible for you to delete that one anon comment with an email address starting with V and ending in yahoo.ca? it's the first thing that shows up when i google it and i'd rather protect my privacy :) thanks in advance!
I deleted it and it was no problem :)
I think I've sent out an email to everyone now (just a minute ago, so check your inbox). If you've been missed, let me know! Also, if anyone would like a copy but is uncertain of putting their email on here, you can send me a PM through either LJ or my FF.net account (Takebuo Ishimatsu).

I know I sent it to some of you late! Sorry! -_-0
I was trolling through my favourites and ffnet trying to find Stake Out, couldn't find it, panicked around for a bit then decided to google it and stumbled across this post!

OMG, the last chapter I read was 90 and ;-; I was sooo looking forward to the rest of it! If it's not too much trouble, could you please mail the fic to me? My email is kaienhj@gmail.com. Thanks heaps!
Thank you so much!
Oh, gosh, I feel like such an idiot. I kept reading it, but never finished and come back 2 years later to find it gone. I really wanted to re-read it and get all (?) the way through. If someone has it and is willing to send it to me, I would be eternally grateful. blackhunnuli@yahoo.com (I know, this is so long after it's not even funny. T_T) Thanks for any help!!
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