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lookin for fic ~ stake out

Hellu ~

I’m looking to reread a fic by EvanNJames called stake out, and it’s been deleted from her account over at fanfiction, so I was kind of hoping to find someone who had her fic saved on their hard drive (I should have done that), and are willing to send it to me. Please, I REALLY REALLY want to read it again – it’s so gorgeous and alive!!!

Thanks in advance (I’ll be replying with my email to anyone who has it and are willing to share) ^_^

EDIT: atm I don't have the fic, it's on my other computer that's kind of crashed on me, but I think I can manage opening it and finding the fic, sending it to myself and then sending it to you guys who want it, but it'll take a while. I'm sorry but you'll have to be patient, hopefully not for long though :)
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It's been deleted?! I drew a fanart for that shit I loved it so hard!
that's awesome man (that you drew fanart for it)...I really fuckin' miss it! damn it though, I had a feeling the hundredth chapter would be the last one when she posted it...


7 years ago


7 years ago

If you have the old URLs, you can try your luck at:


Sometimes it's a goldmine for finding things that have been deleted. Good luck!
thanks, but it didn't work, it said something about robots.txt (not sure what that is, but it's not letting me through...fucker)

I got lucky on the URL, had it bookmarked in my older faves. I hope it's still there!
thank you waaay much man, but it displayed some numbers and said the entry had been removed...I'm damn out of luck -_-


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago


August 23 2010, 04:20:37 UTC 7 years ago

I noticed that this was missing not to long ago myself... I actually lucky because I know I have my favorite part on my old computer, a part of ch.22~ But this is really sad that she took this down. I don't mind if she never finishes it (ok I do... ) but I still like to reread it over and over again just because it was a fantastic fanfiction.

I don't know if this helps any but I googled her username (cause I like many other reuse my name again and again) And found a user with the same name active http://forums.narutofan.com/member.php?u=118744 ... Maybe someone should pm the person and see if that's her and ask her whats up. Maybe it is and she has a reason for taking it all down... And maybe she'll put it back up (I hope.... ;A;)
yeah I really wanna ask her, but I'm afraid of being invasive or prodding. for all we know, she planned to (only) write 100 chapters, and this is her having crossed the finish line...dunno man.


7 years ago

I believe I have all 100 chapters of the fic (which I haven't even read yet XD...I save almost all the fics I find for later). According to my info, it's 1624 pages long & roughly 825,000 words, so I'm guessing that's the whole thing.

Since the author seems to have taken down all of her fics, I don't want to post a download link, but I'll privately email it to anyone that asks (unless asked not to by the author.) I know what it's like to lose a fic you really love. :(
WOW I'm kinda shocked someone has them all. I never realized that her fanfic is the size of two books basically. 8I That's some serious time and effort. If you could email it to me that would be great. Its a great re-read for me when there's nothing else to do.

If you could please sent the fic here: xxjust_a_nobodyxx@yahoo.com

Now I'm glad I didn't delete this page from my bookmarks. Thanks a bunch.

Re: I have it!


6 years ago

random anon butting in orz


7 years ago


September 7 2010, 19:08:41 UTC 7 years ago

it would be wonderful if you would send it to me.If you have any other fics of her,I would appreciate it if you sent those to me as well.

My email is: jdxxxbd@yahoo.com

you are an angel. thank you for sharing these. :)


September 8 2010, 03:59:08 UTC 7 years ago

omg! I can't believe my luck. I was just on fanfiction looking for this story and after a painful search I stumbled along this thread. I would be greatful if you could send it to me. I love her work! I promise not to create any downloadable links.
e-mail is : quirinus.stone @ yahoo.ca

Thank you sooo much!!!
please please please ^^



September 14 2010, 16:42:08 UTC 7 years ago

Also please! :) akishinrin@gmail.com
It would be nice if you could sent me it too!

ExtremelyShy!Anon loves this story so much that she's actually un-lurking to ask for this story please. TT___TT

I was so heartbroken when I found out it was gone. I loved it so much that I read it for hours and hours in one sitting. (which was totally not good for my health but worth it in the end.)

If I'm not too late for asking, could I please please have this story too?

(Super lame)Email: Kurisutiichan@aol.com



September 25 2010, 05:55:39 UTC 6 years ago

If it's not too much trouble, could you email it to me as well? It's my favorite! Thanks so much!

Email: kenzie2007@aol.com
I hope it's alright if someone can send me the fanfiction as well..
I was on the verge of crying when I realise its gone!!! I was that devastated!!
pls and thx <3
I hope it's alright if someone can send me the fanfiction as well..
I was on the verge of crying when I realise its gone!!! I was that devastated!! It was such an awesome fanfic...*cries

email : aki911jenny@gmail.com

pls and thx <3
(i 4got tat i deleted my previous account lolz)

me too?


October 9 2010, 00:21:07 UTC 6 years ago

can you send it to me as well?


thanks a bunch!
I'm so glad I checked this thread again! May I have a copy? If you have any others of hers, they would be most welcome also. No uploading elsewhere, I promise!

I would be incredibly greatful if you could send it to me as well!


Thank you sooooooooo much!
sorry, made a mistake in the address it's carotte_sauvage1@gmail.com

thanks! :)
I'd be grateful if you sent it to me as well!

Hey, I know you already sent it to me once, but my laptop crashed and I lost it! Can you send it to me again? Thanks so much!

...if you could send this to me as well.

My email address is: sammy.jo.d@gmail.com

Thank you!
Wow everyone, I had no idea Stake Out had such a devoted following! EvanNJames does have a new user name on ff.net but she doesn't use it. It's amazing that all of you love her work so much, and I'm gonna see what I can do to persuade her to re post it.
ZOMG you're amazing!


December 28 2010, 05:11:04 UTC 6 years ago

I understand that unfortunately I am ridiculously late on this offer! But if it wouldn't be of to much trouble could you PLEASE send it to


January 15 2011, 00:10:30 UTC 6 years ago

I would really like to have that story too if someone would sent it to me, thank you

email is: pinniponi.92@hotmail.com


January 23 2011, 15:35:31 UTC 6 years ago

Omg I cant believe I found this. I’ve been looking for Stakeout for like…forever. I had almost given up hope and just thought I would look again in my spare time. I have chapters 1-80 saved but nothing beyond that. Could someone please send me the remaining chapters at riverskira@yahoo.com? Thank you sooooo much. I’d be really grateful!
Hey. i remember finding this fic a few years ago and followed it all the way through chapter 100! I miss coming home from work and not seeing an alert that it was updated :( if someone could email it to me that would be great! thanks!

email: cbizzle923@gmail.com

Thanks again!
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