Carol Marshall (koo) wrote in renocloud,
Carol Marshall

I cant find the fic Ive been looking for! Its been almost a year since I saw it. Its a multichapter fic. Dunno If its completed.

No idea what the title is. Reno is pissy and in a bar (Tifa's I think) looking for Cloud to get laid. Cloud eventually does want him for another round. Reno is a slut. He tells Cloud hes there looking to get laid.Loud mouthed and slutty ..just the way he should be! This fic has excellent sexual tension that draws you right in.

One quote I remember is Reno saying. "Next time?! There isn't supposed to be a second time!"

Sounds lame but it is a very excellent fic. Mostly because Reno is so damn in charater. This is the way I would imagine him.

Sooo PLEASE help me find this fic..oh and btw..Its not Hazard Pay.
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